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design for play.

designed to help deal with anxiety through play, tactility, and visual stimulation

the big electron

The Big Electron is a time(less) machine forged through the infinite expanse of existence, which eludes our limited perception. Inspired by George Carlin’s closing remarks in his 1992 stand-up special, Jammin’ in New York, where he envisions the universe as a pulsating ball of energy: it does not give nor take, does not reward nor punish and simply exists for a little while. The machine invites us to activate its movements by turning the wheels of time, taking us on a journey that traverses ancient cultures and enigmatic futures. It urges us to shelve our anxieties, find repose, and simply exist for a little while.  

the amaryllis experiment

This interactive piece features Nina's painting of an amaryllis flower, a poignant gift to Sophie
from her late friend’s family. Pushing the boundaries of conventional art presentation, the frame designed by Nandhit incorporates sliding doors interconnected by pulleys. Behind these doors, steel plates intricately etched by Sophie reveal intimate photographs of a home.
This innovative approach to framing invites visitors to actively engage with the artwork, blurring the line between observer and participant. The Amaryllis Experiment pays homage to connection and redefines the relationship between art and its surrounding context, inviting us to reconsider our preconceived notions of a painting's boundaries.

Nina Sophie Nandhit_052_edited.jpg
Nina Sophie Nandhit_050_edited.jpg

Collaborative Project

  • Nina Gonzalez-Park - Oil Painting & Metal Work

  • Sophie Bryer - Metal Photo-etching & Metal Work

  • Nandhit Reddy - Frame design & Woodwork

Link to The Amaryllis Experiment


the dream generators.

a set of 3 kinetic dream catchers inspired by Greek mythology. Representing the 3 children of Hypnus, the god of sleep, thought to control our dreams -

Morpheus - controls the human form

Phobetor - control animal form and nightmares

Phantasos - controls inanimate objects and environments

the atom toy.

a set of 3 magnetic fidget toys inspired by the atom -

the neutron

the proton

the electron

the hypnus snake

A kinetic model inspired by and dedicated to, Hypnus Records, a record label based in Sweden

the octopus toy

a friendly octopus toy for all ages

the westworld toy

a toy made for music producer, Vishal Unni, inspired by the HBO TV-show, Westworld

relics | totems

relics made from spare parts - waste not, want not

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