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pen/ink drawings, commissioned murals & acrylic paintings

pen/ink drawings.

trepan trippin.jpg

Trepan' Trippin', 2023

Commissioned by The Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garette, London.

As an Artist Ambassador for The Old Operating Theatre Museum, I was commissioned to create a 2D artwork that would serve as the basis for a range of products to be sold online and in-store. All proceeds from the sales of these products would go towards supporting the ongoing work of the museum, which is a registered charity.

Artist's Page on Museum's website

Available as books, postcards, story-cards, etc through the above link

Rorschach's Dilemma, 2022


The Rorschach test is a psychological test still being used today to examine a person's
behaviour, emotional functioning, or creativity. I have tried to amalgamate these uses in
this hand-drawn work by attaching my anxiety to my creativity.


digitally inverted


Dialect, 2023

pen/ink, watercolour, mud, fire

'Dialect' is a script of a lost language that uses shapes and characters which we
unfortunately cannot translate. Is it a warning or is it a love letter?


Micrarium Nightmarium, 2023

Society has seen a rise in Mysophobia especially after the pandemic. This drawing attempts at portraying this paranoia showing a microscopic view of various
microorganisms, invisible to our naked eye.


Diagnosis is Futile, 2023

Medical tests like Electroencephalography (EEG) or blood tests cannot solely be depended upon to diagnose mental illness.

Yet treatment is widely through medical intervention. Regardless, in many communities mental illness diagnoses aren’t taken seriously and remain taboo.

‘Diagnosis is futile’ is an attempt to reconcile with these contradictions and personal battles.

Artist Feature in I,Science Magazine

Front cover of I,Science Magazine


chipko, 2023

pen/ink, foraged twigs & black wool in frame

An homage to the Indian Chipko Movement (aka Chipko Andolan)



l'éléphant, 2019

acrylic on canvas

Collaboration with artist Sai Ram. 


Fai Dang Mural 2020

wall mural commission

Restaurant Mural Commission.
Collaboration with artist Sai Ram. 

Part of Fai Dang interior design project


Robotic Hand of God, 2020

wall mural commission

Rendition of an unknown artist's rendition of Michelangelo's, Creation of Adam, created as a poster for a lecture event hosted by NYU School of Engineering. 
Collaboration with artists Sai Ram & PK Sudarshan

Link to original poster art

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